What is LOVE?

Ohhhh – there are as many loves as there are people in the world.

Love varies from submission to power hierarchy, from animalistic sex to megasuperconsciousness, from egocentric sensations to caring emotions. There are many many many levels, many many many different stars of love. 

All depends on you. You alone.

If you are living on a lower vibe level, you might have a different idea of love than a person that is swinging on a higher vibe level.

Jesus will have one idea of love, Mao Zedong another one. Your yoga teacher again a different one as my former successful M&A colleague in Frankfurt.

At the lower level, love might be a game of politics, power politics. When love is infected by power, it is politics. However you might call it, it remains politics. 

Maybe it is true and the largest part of our population will never know anything about love as they experience love only on a political rung? Politics that exists between wife and husband, lovers and in the field of prostitution. It is politics as the only target is to dominate the other one. Even if you talk about love, it remains exploiting the other part. Running with an unconscious mechanism. Possessiveness, jealousy, envy, anger – all that becomes part of your love. Love then creates more misery than joy. 

Maybe this is why large part of humans have decided to not love anymore. They have decided to love a cat, a dog or a bird instead. As animals can be dominated well. As they will never dominate you. As they are not as complex as human beings.

The good part: Anything that becomes conscious disappears. A life rule – at least mine. Consciousness is key, also to rise up the vibe levels. 

Maybe another lovely task from life.


Coco – with love 

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