Creativity to me means to see opportunities instead of problems. And I believe we can all be creators. Professionally and privately. 

When working on business deals and transactions, you will always face new issues showing up during the process. 

It’s a natural thing as with time you understand more and more of the matter: take a M&A project for example – the longer you work on it and the closer you get to the signing date, the more info will be disclosed about the target (eg the company you want to buy). 

But at the same time complexity might arise (as eg trapped cash).

A creative mind sees possibilities and solution for business issues where others feel stuck. 

A creative mind is a flexible mind, a mind with which you can connect to your creator traits.

For being a creator, you do not need to be an artist. But for being a creator, you have to train to your mind. It’s like gym training for and with your mind.

The beauty is: the more you practice, the more natural it gets.

One thing I love to practise is to go into the unknown and make an adventure out of it. Don’t plan, just go with the flow and look what happens.

Talk to strangers for examples, send them a smile and see how the connection goes. Most probably – with the right intention of connecting – you will find yourself in an interesting conversation with them. You might feel like listening to what they have to say and here we go: through their stories about their life, you have the chance to learn new perspectives, new ideas and new dynamics of life. That is one beauty of life.

One way I invite new stories into my life is through @thehumanproject_podcast– follow in case it calls you.


Did you recognize?

Love and ego can never go together.
They cannot be alive at the same time. It is like darkness and light. It’s either or.
Darkness can only be when light is not there. 
And if love is there, there is no room for ego. 
True vice versa.
If you drop the ego, love is there. From everywhere.
What’s the ego? The source of the ego is your desire to be someone else. 
If you are not so pretty, you want to be beautiful. The ego takes your energy. You are in a fight and you don’t wanna lose. The ego absorbs your energy. 
Therefore, drop your ego as often as possible. It’s a journey, so take it easy. In some moments you will fail, in some moments you will win. 
Smile – also about yourself. 
It’s less about wining, then trying.