☆ Learn something new

Since I have been a child, I am in love with my bike(s). Through rain, storm and snow.

The feeling of fresh air around the tip of my nose, watching the landscape slowly moving by and being the one who is the power body of my vehicle is a pleasure for me.

Another one is learning new.

Like learning to ride a unicycle, in particular when the first try is in the middle of a charming desert. Schuuuuuub – I made it (before I – inelegantly – descended)!

While watching the picture now, I realized that one side effect of curiously learning new things, methods and means is daring the unknown. As sitting high in the air of a unicycle that goes forward whereas I wanted it to just remain silent. I did not (and do not yet) know how to master it but this is actually of no importance.

What counts is to try it.

Because with every try of the unknown, I dare one step out of the familiar, already walked paths, also called my comfort zone.

With every step into courage, I train my mind and system to feel more confident and comfortable with the unknown. How lovely is this !