I am convinced that a good work-life balance is a key component not only for private but also for professional success. 

Privately, because we definitely run less in stress mode and strengthen our immune system when we feel balanced. And professionally, because we are no Duracell batteries that can run at high power for almost endless hours. 

I have learned to pay attention to that in the course of my life. We all have limited resources of energy, focus and time at our disposal, and the question arises as to how we can best use them. One of my personal recipes for success is to use my focus with mindfulness and deliberation. Where our focus is, there is also our energy. Mindful beyond business.


One of my major guidances in life is to get involved in life as deep as I can. It does not matter where and how, important is just that I do it.

I recently went back from Rome via Flixbus to Munich, slept in my car in the dark forest (I was so scared) and danced Tango for a whole night. None of those activities felt comfortable at first, neither did I really know what comes next.

But this is the great big world. The great big world out there is full of the unknown, surprises, vitality, energy, drive, action and excitement. Once you get involved into the great big world, you are part of life.

Life is not what happens in your corporation job, on your sofa, in front of your laptop or TV and also not behind books and magazines. The before named are comfort zones because they are neatly, safe and comfortable. The zone out of the comfort can be cold, hard, unfair and frightening.

Why should you then decide to leave your comfort zone? Simply because life is out there and simply because only there you know you are alive.

What do I mean by sinking deep into life? I mean to contribute, to cooperate, to become part of an initiative. Don’t watch from the side line as you would do when watching soccer. Go in and be the player. Get your hands dirty. Be out there, try new things, join the neighbor urban gardening initiative, talk to strangers, walk to work instead of driving with your car, volunteer, organize diners with a mix of friends and acquaintances.

Life is colorful and divers. Try to learn as much as possible from the different layers life has to offer.

Best is to also nourish outside interests from which you do not earn money or get famous. I talk about things you just enjoy doing or are just helpful to others. Those activities are much more useful than to watch TV or play computer games. How about becoming a mentor or a charity worker? Maybe you want to join a theater class or an art association for a funny subject? Important is to join life and go with the flow.

Sink deep into life.

Laugh, cry, dance as only then you feel alive.