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I hope this newsletter finds you in good spirits.

Today, I want to share with you a thought-provoking dialogue between Momo and Master Hora. Momo asked Master Hora, “Are you Death?” to which Master Hora replied, “If people knew what Death is, they would no longer fear it. And if they no longer feared it, no one could steal their time anymore.” Momo then suggested that Master Hora just tell people what Death is, to which Master Hora replied, “I tell them with every hour I allocate to them. But I’m afraid they prefer to believe those who scare them.”

These words offer a profound reflection on the power of fear. They remind us that by embracing life and accepting its natural cycles, we can overcome our dark sides and live more fully in the present moment.

Speaking of embracing life, I am excited to announce two upcoming art happenings in Munich that I believe will offer a sweet opportunity to do just that: Tomorrow, at the Alte Utting from 8-10 pm, and on Sunday from 4-6 pm at the Kunstlabor, both in Munich, I will be reading from my latest book, “Pinke Delphine,” with different musical guest artists. These book readings will conclude a series of events that brought me also to Frankfurt, Salzburg, and Kitzbühel.

Both events are free to attend, and I invite you all to come and join us in celebrating the beauty and richness of life through art. 

Let us continue to explore new ideas and perspectives, and let us never stop seeking out new experiences that help us grow and evolve as individuals.

As always, I am grateful for your continued support and readership. Please feel free to check out my book on https://linktr.ee/pinkedelphine, and follow me on Instagram @cocolina_kiss or @madebycocolina.

May the end of the week bring you joy, fulfillment, and an abundance of new opportunities to explore and learn.

Warm regards,


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