You have two options.

Either you put your energy into the glory of humankind or you try to crash it all down into degradation.

The decision is up to you and nobody else. If you are smiling to the person sitting next to you in the tram, you have voted for the glory. If you are nasty to the guy of the mobile telephone hotline, you went for degradation. Making a donation for a good cause is for the glory. Lying and cheating is for degradation. Listening to a charming jazz concert is glory, taking badly about your partner behind her/his back is degradation. Do you get what I mean?

A good way to increase the vibe of humankind is to do anything that challenges us, makes us smile and laugh, improves us, let us strive to become a better person. It all brings us into the golden light of glory.

Each of us can be the change we request for the world.

You too – by simply deciding whether you go for the glory or for the degradation.

I know you might say that you cannot stand this f* talk about being good anymore.

But there is the law of reciprocity. You will receive in life what you have planted before. And it is true. It is the good karma principle. Being good is a pure private thing.

Keep it for yourself, do not tell anybody but practice it and watch what is happening.

Don’t try to change other people to become good.

Don’t brag.

Just be good without any words.