This slogan has been with me for a long time. It was last featured in one of my exhibitions in 2020, just before the world came to a halt in Feb 2020. Today, I find myself revisiting it, reimagining it, as it becomes a part of my Art Cocoshop, a project I’m currently working on.

As I was immersed in this creative process, a friend called me. She was grappling with the question of whether to end her relationship, asking me when one knows it’s time to let go, perhaps even a necessity. My response, perhaps influenced by my work on this very slogan, was to ask her to question the following:

  • Have I done everything in my power? Have I pushed my own limits and even gone a step further?
  • Has the other person also put in the same effort? Neither party usually enjoys this process, as it often entails pain for both sides. In relationships, especially, systemic entanglements can occur, where the anger towards one’s partner may represent the hurt child’s anger towards their own mother or father. 
  • Would you wish this partnership – exactly the same partnership – for your children? A tough, straight forward question. The answer should be simple. 

Maybe these points can also help you today, on this magical Sunday.

Kisses from my art space where I am currently working full speed on my exhibition that opens this Thursday, 5th of October. More to follow, but I d love to disclose the title: 

„About the Cinderella who Realises She Does not Need Wings to Fly.“

Sunshine vibes,



PS The Cocoletter is available : https://corinna-rosa.com/product/cocoletter-iii/