And when the business week is too exhausting, too much thinking, to much computering, too much head time … Friday nights like this, with my own hands, exploring new things, creating “real things” are the best


Und meistens spiegelt sich nur in einem ruhigen Teich das Licht der Sterne ….Diese Schnappschuss ist mir in die Kamera geflogen, als die Kopfsteinpflaster in Rom auch nachts die Wärme des Tages noch weiterreichten und die Welt sich noch ein weniger ver-rückter als heute anfühlte.

Ort: Teatro dell’Opera di Roma


End violence agains women – stand up, dear women, speak up and raise your voice!

There is never a justification for violence. 

And with violence I mean physical and psychological abusive behaviour !
It is clear to me that this also concerns violent acts caused by women. 
You have heart right: violent acts from women. 
We women are far from being are holy saints. We also know how to turn a men’s life into a nightmare – and not only when kids are in the center of a conflict. 

Keep in mind that one law in life is karma – this what you send out in life might come back to you through another door. 

Having said that, I repeat: no act of violence is ever justified, no matter what forms it takes, no matter who acted.

What are your thoughts on this?