What is it that makes us human? 

One answer is “FLOW”. Like the state I was in when I was spontaneously invited by the Sadhus in India in and accepted the unexpected singing circle. 

Flow is an unobstructed feeling and unobstructed allowance, not only if what is around you, but what is arising from within you. 
Abiding in a state of flow involved being a conduit, like a channel, that merely allows the life energy to flow free through, free of obstruction. 

Maybe you feel like taking your attention inward today and ask yourself: “Do I feel any resistance, fear, or hesitancy? Is there something that needs to be said or done? Is there something I need to act upon?

It’s easy: The more you go where you feel moved to go, laugh as you feel moved to laugh, the more you speak when you feel moved to speak, and cry as you feel moved to cry, the less resistance you have to the flow of life. 

The flow is simple allow the energy of life to circle through you, and to trust in the impulse of the life to move you.