Maybe you have made the same experience in life: there is a topic, something that is on the table and you feel like it would be great to speak about it.  But the other one is not talking about it. She/he might even ignoring that you are trying to reach out to clarify things.  My experience […]

☆ Interludino

Short notes about life that invite you to take time and reflect.

☆ Interludino

Short notes about life that invite you to take time and reflect.


You’d be surprised on how a simple trait of humility can affect a team’s performance and creativity — relationships and bonds are formed when you are grounded and connected towards others. Why? Cause this makes them trust you — which is important for teams, big or small. Even professional relationships require trust. TRUST ME.  Be […]


Sweet reminder to expand your idea of what is possible in life..Just had a talk yesterday with a friend. He loves comfort zones but wants to develop his personality further at the same time. A fast track for him would be to get from time to time into the unknown. This can be simple as […]

☆ Das eigene Buch – it is done!

Was für ein toller Moment: sein eigenes Buch gedruckt in Händen zu halten! Lange hingearbeitet, auch mal geflucht, wenn es nicht so lief wie gewollt, dann wieder beim Schreiben gelacht – es war alles dabei in kreativen Schöpfungsprozess! Wer mehr wissen will, klickt einfach auf den Artikel hier ! Viel Freude !

☆ How to effectively manage meetings

During my professional career, I learned that one of the biggest distractions for concentrated work are meetings. Attending meetings can either be beneficial or it can only be a distraction which can drain one’s productivity. For example, if I work on a new project and try to solve a suddenly plopped up challenge within a […]

☆ Three ways to avoid the negative impact of multitasking

Maybe you already did things like driving while making a phone call, listening to your GPS, and choosing a music for your car ride at the same time? Well, you are not alone. A lot of people admit using their cellular phones while behind their wheels.
You are probably thinking that you are good at this juggling act? According to a number of researches, however, your mind probably does not contain unlimited space for multitasking just as you thought.
In this article, I share my thoughts on multitasking and 3 ways to avoid its negative impact on productivity for you.

☆ People believe what they want to believe

You are in a heated situation in which you or your counterpart is holding on her or his view? Keep in mind that most probably you will not changing the persons view. Even if you consider her or his view as dump and stupid. At the same time I am not saying you should not speak up to tell your truth. Just be aware that chances to shift your partner from one perspective to another one are realistically pretty low.