☆ To hell with the purpose of life

“Purpose” – a word that is everywhere these days: not only in your private but also your business life.
Why “purpose” can go to hell? Read this article.

☆ I am River

I am River, and I am Flow,I’ll bring the Joy, take away the sorrowI am of tremenduous powerI’ll keep on pushing everywhere and further I am Feminine, Grace, and FecondityI am the deep, the shallow, the calm and trepidityI move like a ballerina on a live stageI am free, wild, and sometimes, I am in rage I […]

☆ You’re the author of your own life story

One of my personal codes of life is to be the author of my own life story. To take ownership, to ask, to speak up and to dare facing new challenges. No one else is responsible for you but you alone. You have to go through pain on your own and you will die on […]

☆ Warum unser Gehirn “Storytelling” liebt

Unser Gehirn kann nicht mit der Funktionsweise eines Computers verglichen werden. Ein Computer speichert Rohdaten ab – wir tun das nicht. Das ist genau der feine Unterschied: das menschliche Gehirn arbeitet mit “Story Telling”. Warum das so könnt ihr in diesem Artikel erfahren.

☆ Interludino

Short notes about life that invite you to take time and reflect.

☆ Learn something new

Read this article if you are keen on finding out why learning new is so enriching. Enjoy the ride.