Relationship remains a mystery. It depends on both as it exists between two people.

Relationship is created by you, but in its turn, relationship also creates you.

When two persons meet, two worlds meet. It’s most complex. Each person is a proper world. With a long past and an eternal future.

At the beginning, only two peripheries meet. If the relationship grows intimate and becomes closer and deeper, two centers start meeting. When cores meet, it is called love.

When peripheries meet, it is acquaintance. You touch just from the boundaries. Very often you call your acquaintance love but acquaintance is not love.

Love is very rare.

To be able to meet a person at his centre is to pass through a process yourself because you will have to allow to this person to reach your core too. You will have to become open, soft and vulnerable.

This is risky.

To allow someone to reach your centre is dangerous because you never know what this person will do to you.

The fear is there. Once you drop all the curtains, you show all your hidden parts and all your secrets are known – the fear is there: you never know what the other person will do, you never know.

That’s why we rarely and barley open up. Why we are satisfied if peripheries meet. We think that love hit us.

But you are not your periphery – that’s just the fencing around your core. It is not you. The periphery is just where you end and the world begins.

The more you live with someone on the base of acquaintances, the more you might lose awareness of your core. And your core might then remain even more unknown even to yourself.

One thing to remind: Try not to mix acquaintances with love.

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