Alles ist vergänglich – und er trat auf den Pappteller

Alles ist vergänglich, rief er ihr noch zu, bevor er sich wieder seiner Geliebten zuwandte.Sie beschloss daraufhin, ruhig bis fünf zu zählen.

Währenddessen schlenderte ein älterer Herr mit Stock fröhlich pfeifend am Rathaus vorbei. Er hatte seine Brille zuhause vergessen und fand die neue Sichtweise auf die Welt erstaunlich belustigend.

Dass er dabei auf den Pappteller trat, bemerkte er nicht weiter.


And as some people are wondering: I am a German lawyer/ Business Strategist and artist. 

Yeap – both parts of my brain, the left and the right, is okay-ly development and I am the living proof that both can not just co-exist but even co-support and co-create.

To me, it’s more a question about „when“ to apply the rational – more analytical – brain side and when the creative one. 

A life without art would not be possible for me. I only feel comfy when both parts of me a nourished: working on interesting business projects as well as exploring life with my creative side.

Ah, something I would love to mention also today: creativity is something you can train. It’s like a muscle. And you don’t need to be an artist to be creative.

Happy Tuesday!

PS Attached is one of my drawings „Fly away and don’t come back“. In case you are interested in getting one of the art pieces, send me a PM and let’s talk about it. Always happy when they find a lovely new home for some colorful inspiration. 

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