☆ Aging

Just imagine, we would not fear death anymore.

How would my, your and the life of others look like?

I learned to enjoy the process of aging and had time to do so as I was born in the year 1977. First of all – and from a very practical point of view – it is nothing I could avoid even if I would try really really really hard.

So, I can enjoy the inevitable as well, right? Makes it much easier.

Second, despite the outer shell of the “me” changes by losing its fresh body shape with time, the inner “me”, profits from this process. And this is definitely worth it.

And yes, of course, it’s a bit of a pity, that the body shell loses its strength, whereas the soul/ personality is growing.

But then again, it is yin and yang, about letting go and, at the end, maybe this tension arc between birth and death is exactly what is required to make us being so lovely human with all our evils and angels within us ?

Who knows, right ?