Ever wonder why you’re attracted to some people & triggered by others? It’s not happening by chance.

The people you’re attracted to may actually have qualities you desire, that you have yet to embody yourself. So look at them as an inspiration as to how you truly want to live.

If you seek connection outside, without first embodying it within yourself, then your source of connection is dependent of factors outside your control. 

This not only gives your power away, but it is a setup for suffering. 

Manage your mind, play the creative game of life and view the people you judge, or are triggered by, as your shadow trainer.

They reveal to you parts of yourself you have not yet come to accept & love. Or they present to you wounds you carry from past traumatic experiences that have not been properly processed. 

To become the boss of your mind and use it as a great source of inspiration and creativity is the path to true freedom.

Think about it, don’t just follow my ideas – make your experiences and come to a conclusion for yourself. As someone else can never live your life and will never be able to make the experiences for you.