Lesson one: Never go hiking without a warm cap, gloves and another jacket, even when the mountain is “just” 1737m high and it’s spring time.

Lesson two: Weather can change rapidly and temperature might drop within minutes.

Lesson three: No matter what happens – keep the positive vibe as we are all energy and we attract what we believe in.

Lesson four: Adventure time is amazing and feeling the change from rain to snow to thunder and then the opening up of the sky high above the clouds is heart filling and makes you feel so alive.

Lesson five: Leaving for nature after Business time – that was for us after 6pm on that day – is time well spent.

Lesson six: A flash without a thunder sound on the top of the mountain is an experience (that I never made before that day) with which you feel electricity until the end of your hair lace (true).

Lesson seven: Deciding then at 7.30pm after snow fall, rain and thunderstorm to explore a new path down (night falls at 9.30am these days) is generally spoken a reasonable decision when official walking down time is estimated with an hour.

Lesson eight: It all comes different in life than planed and getting “lost” under these circumstances might become challenging – we found ourselves 1.5h after at another peak.

Lesson nine: Crapping with your hands in the mud to climb over wet steep roots and stones makes you feel alive too.

Lesson ten: Don’t think of what might terribly happen to you (we are what we believe in) but try keeping your mind calm by enjoying the cloudy evening sky opening up showing the magic and beauty of life. Same feeling when you finally reach the first village at 10.30pm even when your car is still a 10km distance away.