Life is uncertainty. It is a lottery game, because none of us knows what will happen and only a fool thinks he is “safe” in life. 

As long as you are alive, you just cannot be “safe”. You are „safe“ only when you are in the grave. Before that it is not possible.

Where should “security” come from? There are illnesses, death, your partner can die, the bank can go bankrupt, you can lose your job or become paralyzed in an accident. 

The misconception that you can get “security” is the real problem. Because nobody, really nobody in this world can make “security” possible. 

Life and death belong together. It is like breathing in and breathing out, like light and darkness, like love and hate. 

If you want an alive man, you have to take risks. Such a man is „dangerous“. Maybe he will fall in love with another woman and leave you? But if you are alive too, you can also fall in love with someone else. This is exactly how life is: it simply ignores morality and law. 

Only over „death“ you can have control. You are then also easier to control: maybe you are in a “dead” marriage and have everything else – a middle-class house, a well-filled bank account, a car, children, a great job … all this might looks like “security” for your neighbor. Maybe you yourself have the feeling that this is the “security” you always wanted … but is it really true? Do you feel alive?

Security in life is not provided for us by the universe. The just mentioned things are only pleasantnesses, which can come and go. And that from today and tomorrow. 

The only “security” we have is uncertainty and smart is the one who can enjoy it. Because if you embrace uncertainty, something wonderful happens: it will disappear. 

Sounds paradoxical – but the whole life is paradoxical!

You might then not feel safer, but there will be less worries and fears in your life. And this is the beginning of an exciting journey towards more curiosity and excitement about what the next day will bring. 

And that is exactly what will keep you alive. And that’s important because there are already so many people who have stopped living before their natural death. They have stopped listening to the music of life, dancing instead of walking, and recognizing the beauty in small things. Yet our life is best lived totally and intensely – as if you wanted to extract all the nectar from every moment without losing a single drop.