☆ I am River

I am River, and I am Flow,
I’ll bring the Joy, take away the sorrow
I am of tremenduous power
I’ll keep on pushing everywhere and further 
I am Feminine, Grace, and Fecondity
I am the deep, the shallow, the calm and trepidity
I move like a ballerina on a live stage
I am free, wild, and sometimes, I am in rage 
I can inspire you a sense of great respect
loosening your grip and alter your step
I just wanna flow, that’s my only goal
I am Life force thus I am out of control 
But really I aim for true softness
guiding you gently towards land of Grace
Touch me, taste me, love each and every one of my stones
Dive in my beauty and let me wash out your Crown 
I am River, I am Woman, I am Love
Look deep into me, and make me rise above
the mundane, the profane, the futile and shallow
Simply let me flow , greatly make me glow ! 
I am River, I am Woman, I am Love
Rage of the Lion and peace of the dove
bathe in me and polish your heart’s stone
forget the dream of control, for that time is far gone 
I am River, I am Woman, I am Love
overflowing obstacles that only me can solve
Carrying life, seeds, sprouts and men along
My heart is pure Gold and my flow, divine song 
Drink me as if you’d be kissing The primary Goddess
Let the juice of my lips, the nectar of my Grace
melts any rocks in the way of our flow
So together we shine, and rise, we give and we grow. 
Inspired by True Beauty
under the Libra full-moon, Ostara spring equinox

Jildaz Sould Bridger, Celtic Poet, Ubud, 22 March 2019