Just recently, I was speaking with my (female) friends about one key difference between men and women: competition.

I find it not as common to support each other between women as I can see it happen between men.

My perspective of the world is also marked from years of investment banking and more than a decade of M&A business leadership: both areas with male predominance. 
When I have started to work in this field, more than 15 years ago, women were rare. The financial sector was a typical playing field for men.

Those few women – interesting enough – were not creating coming solid ground in the sense of supporting each other, providing business opportunities for each other or exchanging best practices experiences. Nope – at least in Germany where I worked – on the contrary: they largely saw each other as competitors.

Years have gone by, more women are working in the financial business but still: I miss the cooperation. Men are doing better here, that’s at least my view. 

Just have a look how they do business: one usual key factor of success for men is to go have a drink after meeting / office time with their potential business partners – and schwups: the deal is closed in between two beers. 

Difficult to get in as a woman. But possible.

What I want to suggest?

I d love to more follow the idea that in particular we women should not view ourselves as competitors. It would be gorgeous to see a female counterpart who has a great idea, another beautiful skill or a smart solution simply as a mentor for ourselves. Someone who initiate a chance to grow within us. 

Train your mind and make sure YOU manage your mind and he not you. Become creative when it comes to how to play the game of life.

And please my dear female friends here: let’s support other women – lift them up instead of down. To strengthen women’s right and life positions was always one key element for me and a major factor to become a lawyer. 

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