Remove yourself from the idea that the right decision is only a right decision if it leads to immediate gain. In life, it is often the detours, the obstacles and difficulties that make us grow and bring us to our inner strength. From them we learn to be the person we have always wanted to be.

It is no use waiting for the right moment, because it does not exist.

Waiting for it would only lead to you waiting all your life but not getting into action.

Whether it is the right decision, you will not know at the moment of decision. But what does “right” decision mean? Whether you get a job with even more money? Whether it is the trip to France? The conversation with your partner about a difficult topic? The decision to move into another town?

What if it’s not so much the right decision that matters, but rather the fact that you can have a variety of different experiences in your life, and thus also experiences at all? That you can allow yourself to be sad and to feel happy. That you are allowed to lose or fail, as well as to be successful? To the fact that it is your life and that you can take the time to realign the compass of your life’s path? That you are allowed to feel how things really are in an environment that was unknown to you until then?

None of these decisions is good or bad. Stop evaluating and judging. Every single one of these decisions will bring you a little further on the path to your inner strength and to your desired life.

And just because you decided for or against something today, doesn’t mean you are bound to it for the rest of your life.

What is important is that you act and that you finally start running instead of waiting.

Only then will you find the right path for you personally.

How else will you find out whether the direction is the right or the wrong one for you? Only to test and to actually live a decision will bring you further.